Coral Bay, St. John U.S. Virgin Islands

Open Daily 10:30 AM-6:00PM


About Jolly Dog 

The Jolly Dog was born in the aftermath of the volcanic eruptions on Montserrat. I had lived there since 1989,
running a family garment manufacturing, screen printing and retail operation. In 1995, the long dormant Soufriere Hills volcano
Rumbled to life and changed everything. Ongoing hysteria, panic, and general chaos forced my evacuation
off Montserrat for good in Oct of 1995. Having been a visitor of St. John since the early 70’s with my family, I identified that as my new island home.
With little notice (4 Hours) Evacuation orders were issued for Plymouth, and I had little time to gather a “Go" bag, My Dog Apollo
(My 110 Pound Rotweiler Sheppard Mix) and the necessities for our ocean voyage. No airplane would take Apollo off island, so our last
remaining option was passage on the SV Avontuer, a working down island cargo schooner. The Captain wanted to leave asap...
With new evacuation orders coming into effect by days end… so it was now or never. The volcano went on to kill dozens and is still closely monitored
To this day.
The voyage was itself chaotic and stressful, we nearly ran aground entering Bassterre harbor in St. Kitts at daybreak. We were forced to endure days
Of quarantine in St. Martin while paperwork was completed. Eventually the green light to embark on the final leg to St Thomas, and ultimately
Coral bay, was given, and it felt great to be in our new home. The US Virgins had just been thru Hurricane Marilyn in 1995, and although things were not
Perfect, they were a lot better than where I had just come from.
In honor of Apollos seafaring voyage, I designed him a T-shirt with a Dog Skull and Crossbones, The Jolly Dog, In 1996. 
Although I have no degree in art, I fell into designing and printing my own work from a young age.
The first Jolly Dog store opened at Shipwreck Landing in the Fall of 1997. There have been several others since then.
25 Years later you can find us at Isola Shoppes, on the waterfront in Coral Bay, St. John. JOLLY DOG TRADING Co , opened at this location In March of 2017, and expanded in March of 2021. We also launched our sister jewelry store, Zemi Island Designs in February of 2019. We love our beautiful home on the water, and invite you to come check out our stores the next time your are on island!
                                                    WHAT WE DO:
We seek to provide the best quality and design of goods aimed at the Island Lifestyle. Goods with lasting design and Appeal.
We strive to appeal to both visitors and locals alike. We carry T-shirts, Hoodies, SPF shirts, Hats, Reef Safe Sunblock for the entire family....We also stock
Sunglasses, Sandals, Homewares, well as name brands like Maui Jim, Quiksilver, Reef, Roxy, Billabong, Nomadix, Sandcloud, Goodr,  to name a few...We strive to offer the best in St. John and Jolly Dog branded apparel, gifts and Souvenirs...